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Color Your World in 2010...Pantone's Color Predictions.

In March of each year, Pantone launches their color predictions for both the Interior Design & Fashion Industry.
"Color trends are not conjured up using a crystal ball. They are the result of much observation of our surrounding natural world as well as the influences that will impact our world in the future," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "These factors include socioeconomic issues, technology, lifestyles and playstyles, diversions, entertainment, and most importantly, the needs, moods, fantasies and aspirations of consumers. The palettes featured in PANTONE VIEW home + interiors 2010 translate these influences into appropriate styling, colors and combinations that best express the gamut of directional themes for 2010."

So now that we can clearly think about 2010, lets see what colors will be influencing us and our surroundings for the next 12 months. The eight palettes for 2010 are Greenmarket, Resourceful, Transformations, Ambiance, Gatherings, Galaxy, High Definition and Pastiche. An additional palette of Tinged Neutrals is also included.

The need for healthier and more artisanal foods has grown from traditional farmers' markets to greenmarkets. Found on country roads or urban lots, these visually appealing and taste-tempting sites invite us to stop and sample a broader and more diverse selection of goods and goodies. From Tomato Puree and Beaujolais with the tang of Super Lemon or bite of Apple Green, to the more exotic flavors of Dijon, Paprika and Chutney, Greenmarket contains representational hues that entice and appeal to both the eyes and the taste buds.

The continuing concern for natural resource management - the need to preserve and reserve - remains of utmost importance in the minds of many. Resourcefulness calls not only for the thoughtful use of materials, but the need for originality in reconstructing and redefining products and home furnishings that are both stylish and sustainable. The colors found in the Resourceful palette, such as Sequoia, Golden Ochre and Aqua Sky, speak of earth and sky, while vibrant Tigerlily and Mauve Orchid add a unique, distinctive presence to the mix.

In Transformations, a nostalgic and idyllic palette, a traditional look is transformed into something that speaks of a more modern attitude. History is honored and updated while reproductions artfully represent styles of the past without repeating them line for line. Transformations is romantic in both style and mood, offering the promise of a quiet respite. Shapes are graceful while surfaces and colors are engaging and unobtrusive. Soothing Stratosphere blue, Crème de Menthe, Lavender Gray, Deauville Mauve, Crushed Violets and Willow green are counter-balanced by the welcoming warmth of Cameo Pink and Amberlight, and finished with a hint of Pale Gold.

When skillfully used, colors can define the character and atmosphere of a space. Understated and sophisticated with attention to detail, the Ambiance palette adds a thoughtful aesthetic that can be adapted seamlessly and successfully into many motifs. Rich Coffee Bean and Cognac are central to the color theme, while the subtle shades of Stonewash blue, Stucco, Desert Sage, Silver Pink, a taupe-cast Brindle and two shades of gray add an interesting intensity and synergistic effect to the palette.

Inspired primarily by the continent of Africa with its vastness and complexities, Gatherings brings together a compilation of colors that demonstrate the uniqueness of the region. Artifacts and handicrafts reflect a creative boldness that is expressed in a panoply of appropriately named colors: Cypress green, Smoke Blue, Sand and Oasis mixed with the magic of Twilight Mauve, the piquancy of Lemon Curry and the heated glimmer of Copper Coin.

Purveyor and source of light, the mysterious Galaxy is well reflected in a palette that truly illustrates the harmony of hue found in the nocturnal sky. Mirroring the colors of the earth, the greens, called Greener Pastures and Peridot, are powerfully contrasted against the deepest extraterrestrial blues, silver and stormy violets. Brilliant sprays of turquoise and a radiating orchid tone enhance the atmosphere, while Rich Gold embodies the energy and splendor of the epicenter of it all - the sun.

High Definition
High Definition offers clarity, classicism and modernism accentuated by elegant contrasts. The refined silhouettes are deceptively simple yet glamorous. Black, white and gray are the timeless centerpieces, thoroughly enriched and defined by the dramatic infusion of Amaranth and Paisley Purple, Malaga wine and the flowering fuchsia shade of Ibis Rose, all deftly embellished by Old Gold and shining Silver.

A Pastiche can be described as an incongruous combination of materials. This palette illustrates not only a collection of unexpected styles, but colors as well. It is the continuation of the irreverent direction that has been and continues to be influenced by Japanese anime - a movement that has made major inroads into the world of design and color. Combinations such as Lavendula and Absinthe Green can be combined with Chipmunk, while that same shade of brown might be surrounded by Mimosa yellow, a brightened Strawberry Ice and more docile Little Boy Blue. Bright Cobalt, Tangerine and Duffel Bag gray offer another idiosyncratic option.

Tinged Neutral
Historically, when money is tight and there is a concern for the longevity of a given color, people have a tendency to "play it safe" with neutrals. But that concern generally applies to the color of big-ticket items like carpeting, window coverings and larger furnishings. Nevertheless, neutrals will continue to be an important part of the decision-making process for items within the home. The following Tinged Neutral tones are considered most directional for 2010. Some are tinged with green or blue, and there is, as always, a classic off-white. Champagne Beige adds a touch of luster - a new direction for neutrals. Some of the most directional accent colors included with these tones have been extrapolated from the preceding palettes.

Text & images compliments of Pantone & the Paper Mill Store

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