Sunday, January 3, 2010

iPhone & iTouch Apps for Design Professionals & Design Lovers

Feather & Moore, LTD
Do you like art? Do you like interior designs? If you do, then this is the app for you. Feather & Moore brings you a collection of inspirational interior design art from all over the world, from New York to Berlin and Amsterdam.

Mark on Call
Created by interior designer Mark Lewison, Mark On Call™ for the Apple® iPhone and iPod Touch, lets the interior design professional, their clients—and do-it-yourselfers alike—plan, preview and carry out their design visions while staying organized and within budget.
This one is way to cool!!! You can take pictures of textures & fabrics and upload those images into virtual spaces that you have create & are shopping for. It helps you budget, measure rooms, import wall colors. does alot!

DuPont mySurface
DuPont is revolutionizing the way consumers, architects and designers choose materials with mySurface, the first iPhone app of its kind in the industry. iPhone and iPod touch users now have color palettes for DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces and Zodiaq® quartz surface at their fingertips.

Combines astrology and numerology with intuitive wisdom and the spiritual power of color to create a personal color for every day and month of the year. By blending the colors that are associated with the sun sign, ruling planet and elements such as fire, earth, air or water, with the numerological vibration of each day, the colors for the Colorstrology calendar are selected, along with key words that best describe the personality traits associated with that color and day.

Architect’s Formulator by Multieducator Inc
The ARCHITECT'S FORMULATOR is the perfect tool for any Architect. This program contains over 200 formulas helpful for architect. ARCHITECT'S FORMULATOR combines all of the formulas from our Electrical, Carpentry and Plumbing Formulators. In addition, this product also includes Concrete and Excavations formulas, that perform calculations for excavating or filling soil, the concrete required for a job and the bricks required for a wall. It also includes special formulas just for architect for concrete and steel design, parking area and sidewalk design and even swimming pool design. The program includes basic formulas for wind load and wind overturning force. The 23 formulas just for architectŠ“?s included now are just the start of what we expect will grow to over 100 formulas in coming months. The CARPENTRY section contains formulates that calculate the number of joists and studs required on a job. ARCHITECT'S FORMULATOR aids users to calculate the load on headers or the cost of hardwood flooring. There are even formulas to calculate the loads on walls and loads on beams. Formulas in the ELECTRICAL section calculate kilowatts, horsepower, efficiency, power factor, watts, amps, current, power, resistance, and voltage. This section includes formulas to calculate total resistance, capacitance, voltage drops, and transformer calculations. The formulas in the PLUMBING section calculate areas of pipe walls and the weights of different pipes. ARCHITECT'S FORMULATOR is able to calculate the final temperature when two bodies of water are mixed. There are also formulas in this section to calculate the expansion of pipes, radiant heat and heat loss cooling requirements, head loss and fresh air in room requirements.

and last but not least something just for fun!
Home Sweet Home by Big Blue Bubble, Inc
Home Sweet Home allows you to nurture your inner designer. Create the room of your clients’ dreams with hundreds of unique pieces of furniture and accessories across dozens of homes each with their own challenging riddle. Then, with deadlines looming, direct your build team to assemble it all in front of your eyes!

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