Friday, January 1, 2010


Instead of New Year's Resolutions this year, which I never manage to accomplish anyway (must be something about the term resolution and how easily we fall off the resolution train), I have decided to set 12 goals for 2010...things I hope to get done, learn how to do, or challenge myself to try.

1. Be inspired to share new and wonderful ideas about Interior Design and ways to make our lives & homes more livable and beautiful.

2. Adventure into baking French dad used to bake bread and I remember how wonderful the house smelled and how good Sweet Vidalia onion sandwiches on warm freshly baked potato bread tasted. Yum!
3. Organize the storage area in the for blogging adventures in storage this year!
4. Grow my business...referrals please!
5. Finally decorate my own Master Bedroom. Grey, Yellow & Cream. Cobbler's children have no shoes, right?
6. Ride my bike around the lake at least 3 times this year and in under 2 hours each time.
7. Try surfing! Learn more about Wisconsin Surfing @
8. Entertain at home once a month.

9. Repaint the bathroom.
10. Blog successfully at least once a week!
11. Take an Art History & Architecture class again.
12. and of course the lose the proverbially "few pounds."

What goals do you have for this year?

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Abbey said...

Great list and this has inspired me to make a list as well. Thank you